A public address system (PA system) is an electronic system comprising microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and related equipment. It increases the apparent volume (loudness) of a human voice, musical instrument, or other acoustic sound source or recorded sound or music. PA systems are used in any public venue that requires that an announcer, performer, etc. be sufficiently audible at a distance

Al Harib Security Systems installs Background music system for retailers in Qatar with high quality products from Bose, Bosch, ITC, Toa , Yamaha and other brands as per customer requirements. Background music/Audio Visual is widely used in shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, offices, amusement parks, and many other types of facilities. In shopping centers, it has proven to be effective in increasing the length of time customer

Al Harib Security Systems integrates and sell PA Systems from Brands like ITC. Bosch, Bose, Yamaha, and Toa.