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Smart Solutions

Smart Solutions create a personalized and automated living experience for the residents of a home. They impact every area of the home such as lighting, heating, temperature control, security and entertainment in an effort to bring more luxury and sustainability into the lifestyle.

Al Harib represents South Korea-based COMMAX, one of the pioneers of Smart Home Solutions. Established in 1967, COMMAX is dedicated to transforming the living environment into a service-oriented smart home. COMMAX offers enhanced Quality of Life and Safety, for the residents of a home, with Smart Home Solutions that integrate Contents, Platforms, Networks and Devices.

All these solutions harness eco-friendly energy management systems that make it cost-effective for the client while having a positive impact on the environment.

  • Smart Lighting and Scenes Control: Lighting, Weather and Music
  • Air Control: Heating, Cooling, Humidity, Freshness
  • Audio & Video: Whole house Audio/Video, Centralized Audio/Video and Home Theater
  • Security & Surveillance: Locks & Alerts, Alarm Management, Intrusion Detection
  • Appliance Control: Curtains, Geysers, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Coffee Makers, Microwave Ovens etc
  • Garden and Outdoor Water Control