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CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

Al Harib represents Taiwan-based 'FINE' the market leader in Surveillance products. FINE is regarded as a one-stop solution for all security products, as it has a wide range of products to suit every application and industry vertical. As surveillance and monitoring needs have become more complex with time, FINE is in a constant endeavor to identify new technologies and partners for surveillance, from around the world. FINE has formed strategic alliances with manufactures of video surveillance technologies and products such as: Fiber Optical Transceiver devices, Twisted Pair Transceiver devices, Digital Recording systems, POE Switches and IP solutions.

Al Harib integrates FINE products into a winning solution for clients. These reliable, high- performance solutions ensure superior monitoring and high ROI; irrespective of the number of cameras deployed (from a few cameras to a few thousand cameras).

Surveillance Solutions by Industry Vertical

  • Financial Services: For Bank branches, ATMs, Safe Deposit Lockers and Data Centers
  • Retail: For Malls, Showrooms, Outlets and Kiosks
  • Healthcare: For Hospitals, Clinics, Operation Theaters, Intensive Care Units, Emergency Rooms
  • Education: For Entrance/Exits, Corridors, Classrooms, Laboratories, Cafeteria, Library, Seminar Halls, Gymnasium, Amphitheatre, Sports Complex and Parking
  • Transportation: For Train Stations, Airports, Cargo bays, Shipping Ports and Road Traffic Management
  • Commercial: Offices, Hotels, Restaurants, Casinos, Clubs, Pubs, Gas Stations, etc
  • Industrial: Assembly lines, Production Units, Workshops, Warehouses, Treatment Plants, Exhibition Centres, etc

Surveillance Solutions by Application

The combination of IP Video and CCTV Cameras yields Smart Solutions that go beyond traditional surveillance needs such as monitoring.

  • Facial Recognition : Recognizing faces, blacklisting known offenders and barring access at offices, casinos or retail outlets
  • Sound Detection: Cameras with advanced sound detection capabilities for early detection of crime or malicious intent
  • License Plate Recognition: For managing authorized vehicle parking, as well as for crime fighting agencies
  • Deployable Surveillance: For short-term surveillance or surveillance in remote locations
  • People Counting: Footfall counting for retail outlets/showrooms, train and bus service operators, airports, tourist locations, and for event management companies